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Our Projects

Consolidating ownership of two quality assets with significant pipeline for growth

Near term Production

Image by Dominik Vanyi

Project 1
Kokkus Au Project

Scythian 51%, 100% near IPO. Current Resource JORC I & I 504,000 oz Au ​@ 1.43g/t Au. 

Kokkus has potential to be a world ​class deposit.

Scythian completed 3800m drilling in 2022 to increase ​the resource form 0.2m oz Au to  0.5m oz Au:


  • Stage 1 Initial exploration, completed in 2022

  • Stage 2 Increase drilling by another 18-20,000m to target a resource of 1.5m-2m oz Au. Plus complete IP​ survey to locate possible extension and repeats of the Kokkus anticline under soil cover,  a magnetic survey to ​map late-stage structures and soil geochemistry >10 sq km.​ SRK JORC resource to be completed by October 2023

  • Stage 3 Post IPO, start production and increase drilling to a target of +5m oz Au

Image by Yelena Vakker

Project 2
East Balkhash Cu-Au Porphyry Projects

600sq km, SSRUC renewed in 2021 for another 3 years SMG own 20% with option to buy the remaining 80% for $7.4m

Two main projects:

  • Dyharyk South - Au project discovered by SMG in 2018, potential for >2m oz Au, 3.5km long x 800m wide

  • Taisogan Cu - potential >1m ton Cu @ 0.34%

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