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Image by Tima Ilyasov

East Balkhash

Summary of Multiply Porphyry Cu & Au Deposits

East Balkhash is a cluster of Cu, plus Cu-Au rich porphyry systems covering an area of 16km x 12km, in Eastern Kazakhstan. A 3D IP survey was completed in 2014, to 800m, image at 600m on the RHS

Scythian currently owns 100% of EB, with an agreement to sell 80% of the company in exchange for debt repayment. $5m was spent on exploration at EB in 2021-22. Scythian has the option to repurchase the stake from the managing partners or bring in additional partners. $5m was spent on exploration at EB in 2021-22


The EB SSRUC was reduced to 93.3 sq km from 2500sq km and  renewed in 2021 for and extended another 3 years

East Balkhash Porphyry Cluster in a Mineralized Area 12km x 16km Currently Scythian has 20%, with option to increase to 100%


1. Taisogan-Cu- Currently Inferred Resource has been defined- Cu only

2. Dzharyk South Au-large  Au potential- Au only

3. Dzharyk South Deeps-Cu- Porphyry Target Cu & Au

4. Dzharyk 4, a,b,c  3 Porphyry targets Cu & Au

5. Dzharyk 5 – Porphyry target Cu & Au

Taisogan Copper deposit, 5km south of Dzharyk South

Best drill hole in 2018: 141.7m @ 0.441% Cu


40 kms from giant Akogai coper operation (Kaz Minerals Ltd)

East Balkhash -Taisogan


The EB SSRUC was reduced to 600sq km and renewed in 2021 for another 3 years

Dzharyk South, SMG discovery 2018, a gold-only deposit at the top of a large porphyry system, 3.4km long, 8 separate zones 10-200m wide of Au mineralisation

11,100 m drilled to date, 4100m by SMG

Cu mineralisation is consistent, but broken by late stage unmineralized dykes, and  increases with depth

40 kms from giant Akogai coper operation (Kaz Minerals Ltd)

From aerial magnetics it appears that Dzharyk South, Taisogan, Dzharyk 5 and Dzhark 4 (a,b & c) are separate intrusive bodies

Current internal JORC Inferred resource 890,000 oz Au, oxide resource easy to heap leach, with 48% free gold in oxide zone

Taisogan Copper deposit, 5km south of Dzharyk South, current JORC Inferred resource 1m ton Cu @ 0.33% (internal resource calculation in June 2022). Potential to be >2-3m tons contained copper @ 0.33%. Best results came from the 2013, 2014 & 2018 drilling

Best drill hole TSDD14-25  in 2014  379.5m @ 0.33% Cu, from 156m. Max depth 535.6m

Dzharyk 4, best intersection 48m @ 4.5% Cu, Cu & Au deposit.. intersection mainly down dip of sulphide rich shoot

Dzharyk, 4,a,b,c and 5 yet to be drilled

DZS Drill Hole Summary
July 2022

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EB TABLE2_edited.png
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